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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 9.1

Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! 9.1

Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! Publisher's Description

"Abacus Calculated Fields" for ACT! now brings you the ability to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependant on the data within other fields all within a simple, easy to use interface. It was designed with ease of use as its main aim. -Writing a formula is simple. -Assigning the formula to a field is simple. -Reviewing and changing your formulae is simple. Make any field "calculated" in 2 steps : just select a field on layout(using context menu) and write calculation formula. "Calculated" fields will be always up-to-date since calculations will be run automatically every time when you change value of any field that is a part of formula. "Abacus Calculated Fields" addon really makes light work of what has been the missing link in ACT! for years. Abacus integrates smoothly into the ACT menu system and the calculations just work. Isn't that what you want from a field calculator? If you need complex conditional calculations Abacus can do that too - just use IF...THEN...ELSE and CASE conditional statements to build calculation scenarios. In fact Abacus can handle very complex calculations, simply. Take a look at EXAMPLES OF CALCULATIONS below. Links to the Statements, Functions and Operators can be found on the [LEFT]-hand side of this page. There are over 80 functions supported by Abacus addon ( mathematical, string, datetime, financial functions - mortgage/loan calculation, standard arithmetic operators along with boolean functions and data type conversion functions. ). Abacus can handle any calculation with ease. Abacus addon can be used on Contact fields, Group fields or Company fields and you can run your calculations either automatically or manually. When it comes to calculations "Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!" is the first choice. EXAMPLES OF CALCULATIONS CALCULATING THE AGE OF A CONTACT If 'Birth Date' is the date of birth field then use one of the following formulae : Age( [Birth Date] ) DATEDIFF( year, [Birth Date], GETDATE() ) DATEDIFF( month, [Birth Date], GETDATE() ) /12 ADDING FIELDS [Field 1] + [Field 2] MULTIPLICATION OF FIELDS [Field 1] * [Field 2] CONVERTING A DATE INTO A STRING If 'Birth Date' is the date field to convert: DATENAME(weekday,[Birth Date])+", "+DATENAME(month,[Birth Date])+" "+DATENAME(day,[Birth Date])+", "+DATENAME(yyyy,[Birth Date]) Ex: 01/11/2004 is converted into string 'Sunday, January 11, 2004' CAPITALIZING THE FIRST CHARACTER OF A FIELD Lets use 'User 1' field for example: UPPER(Left([User 1],1)) + LOWER( Substring([User 1],2,Len([User 1])-1) ) Ex: "Send an Invoice" is converted to "Send an invoice" COPYING THE CONTENT OF A FIELD TO ANOTHER FIELD This is really simple. If 'User 1' is the field to copy to 'User 2', open 'Formula Editor' for field 'User 2' and simply insert [User 1] as formula: [User 1] FORMATTING A NUMBER ( Lets assume that 'FieldA' is numeric field ) Format( [FieldA],"$###,###.00" ) Ex: if FieldA contains 2343.3 then it will be formated as $2,343.00 BLANKING OUT A FIELD Simply type a double quote "" in the 'Formula Editor' and the target field will be reset to a blank value. CONDITIONAL CALCULATIONS Example 1 ( IF...CASE statement usage ) : IF( [Country]='Canada' OR [Country]='United States' ) THEN [Country] + ' is in North America' ELSE 'International' END Example 2 ( simple CASE statement usage ) : CASE( [Country] ) WHEN 'United States' THEN 'Domestic' WHEN 'Canada' THEN 'North America' WHEN 'Mexico' THEN 'North America' ELSE 'International' END Example 3 ( simple CASE statement usage ) : CASE [State] WHEN 'NY' THEN ' State is New York' WHEN 'NJ' THEN ' State is New Jersey' WHEN 'NY' THEN ' State is New York' WHEN 'NV' THEN ' State is Nevada' ELSE 'State is ' + [State] END Example 4 ( searched CASE statement usage ) : CASE WHEN UPPER([First Name]) = 'CHERYL' THEN 'Contact ' + [Contact] + ', type 1' WHEN SUBSTRING([Last Name],1,1) = 'J' THEN 'Contact ' + [Contact] + ', type 2' WHEN ([First Name] = 'Sean')AND([State] = 'NY') THEN 'Contact ' + [Contact] + ', type 3' ELSE 'Unsupported contact type' END For further examples see functions reference Every function description provides formulae examples.

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